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How Satellites Defying Gravity’s Pull

“Gravity Defied: How Satellites Soar High Above, Unfazed by Earth’s Pull.” If you’ve ever wondered how satellites maintain their orbit and don’t just drop out [details…]

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Useful cmds for linux/unix

“Mastering the Linux Command Line with this cheat sheet: Unleash the Power of Terminal Wisdom for Effortless Navigation and Command Domination.” Linux file system & [details…]

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Polymers capable of killing bacteria

Research team develops polymers that can kill bacteriacourtesy: Shana K. Hutchins, Texas A&M University Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have become a rapidly growing threat to public health. Each [details…]

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Role of Universities in emerging fusion industry

New study shows how universities are critical to emerging fusion industry Fusion’s success as a renewable energy depends on the creation of an industry to [details…]